Are First Responders equipped to access my Emergency Response Profile?
Answer / Solution

The Emergency Response System was designed to be very simple to access in emergency situations. A First Responder can easily access your Emergency Response Profile (ERP) in two ways: One, they can dial the telephone number on the ID to speak with a live agent. Two, they can navigate to MyRoadID.com to view your ERP. Many emergency vehicles are now equipped with computers that have internet access. Nearly all EMTs, Police Officers, Doctors, Nurses, and Good Samaritans carry cell phones. Additionally, smart phones (like Blackberry and iPhone) have the capability of accessing your ERP via phone or internet.

In the event that First Responders do not have Internet access or cell phone service (on a mountain, or something), they can always communicate with their dispatch office via radios, etc. This situation is pretty unlikely, but you can be rest assured that First Responders will nearly always be able to access your profile, one way or another.

In a hospital setting, Emergency Doctors, Nurses, and Staff can easily access a printable version of your ERP to help admit, diagnose, and treat you properly.

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